Apple wants OLED double-stack for its iPad Pro and MacBook Pro

Apple wants OLED double-stack for its iPad Pro and MacBook Pro

Apple is already working on the sequel concerning its iPad Pro and MacBook Pro with a new kind of screen.

OLED screen technology is likely to be the future of our devices, and on this point Apple is no exception to the rule. The Cupertino company, which has just presented these brand new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros, already seems to plan for the future and the long term with a new version of these screens. According to the South Korean news site The Elec, Apple has entered into discussions with these two main suppliers regarding its screens, Samsung and LG.

Apple would thus be asking for the construction of double-stack OLED screens, which would have the advantage of being even brighter than the versions currently on the market. These screens would then be composed of two layers of LEDs, against one currently. Much brighter and more contrasting than current OLED displays, they could offer an experience unlike anything we know at the moment.

If Apple is already recognized on the market for the quality of its screens, especially on iPad and MacBook, The Elec reveals that it could still be these two products which Apple would like to change the screens. The double stack technology being very expensive, it should be reserved for the pros models of the tablet and the laptop of the brand.

Also according to the report from The Elec, these screens could arrive with Pro Motion technology which allows to offer an adaptive refresh rate according to the use which is made of the phone. As on the iPhone 13 Pro, this rate could vary between 10 Hz and 120 Hz depending on the uses.

No marketing for … a long time

But if this technology has something to make your mouth water, you might as well calm down right away. The sources having informed The Elec indeed assure that these products are not about to see the light of day. Regarding the iPad Pro, it would have initially been a question of marketing it during this year 2022, but finally, the date was postponed and today it would rather be a question of 2023 or even 2024.

On the MacBook side, we should be even more patient. Apple has just introduced two new MacBook Pro models with chips of unprecedented power and a screen that makes all the others obsolete. The Elec therefore believes that patience is required before seeing a double-stack OLED screen on an Apple computer, this technology would be expected for 2025, but it could be even later. Difficult to know then, over such long periods of time, what future Apple intends to give to its products.

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