Apple Watch Series 7 VS Apple Watch Series 6: which one to choose?

Apple Watch Series 7 VS Apple Watch Series 6: which one to choose?

Apple’s new connected watch is out! Should we fall for the Apple Watch Series 7, or rather set our sights on last year’s model, the Apple Watch Series 6?

To accompany its new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, Apple has lifted the veil on a new connected watch, the Apple Watch Series 7. If it will be necessary to wait until the fall to get it, we can already compare it to the previous one. version, the Apple Watch Series 6. Does Apple’s new smartwatch bring so many new things? Reply !

Design and Screen

All the pre-keynote rumors hinted at a new, flat-edged design for the Apple Watch Series 7, but it didn’t. Instead, Apple preferred to recycle its all-round frame made of aluminum, stainless steel or titanium depending on the version chosen.

Visually, the Apple Watch Series 7 nevertheless introduces a major difference: its screen. This is gaining ground and gaining 1 mm more on each model, going from 40 to 41 mm and from 44 to 45 mm. The size remains similar, with refined screen borders, and new dials taking advantage of this additional display surface.

This new screen also allowed Apple to introduce a keyboard in order to type text directly from its watch. This keyboard is exclusive to the new model. Finally, the Series 7 screen is 70% brighter than that of the Series 6 in always-on mode, which should be felt in particular outdoors.

Performance and autonomy

Inside, the Apple Watch Series 7 doesn’t look much different from the Series 6. Apple was elusive about the performance of its new smartwatch during its keynote, but internal documents show that it has plenty of options. ‘a new SiP S7, where the Apple Watch Series 6 used SIP S6.

However, we should not expect a real gap in terms of power. The performance of the Apple Watch Series 7 would indeed be 20% better than that offered by the Apple Watch Series SE and its SIP S5. A comparison that had already been made last year at the time of the presentation of the Apple Watch Series 6, touted as being 20% ​​faster than the Apple Watch Series 5 … which also included a SIP S5. In short, almost identical performance is to be expected.

As for the sensors dedicated to health, they don’t move either. We still find the heart rate monitor, the sp02 sensors for measuring the level of oxygen in the blood, and the ECG. The altimeter is also part of the game. Total equality between the Apple Watch Series 7 and the Apple Watch Series 6, therefore.

Finally, the autonomy remains the same: 18 hours. The Apple Watch Series 7 still has the advantage of being able to be recharged a little faster, up to 33W, thanks to the new USB-C cable provided in the box. Thanks to this, we will be able to go from 0 to 80% autonomy in just 45 minutes, against 1h30 to fully fill the Series 6.

Which one to choose ?

As you can see, the new Apple Watch Series 7 does not really bring anything new compared to last year’s model. It should offer the same performance, has the same sensors and a substantially identical autonomy. Only the extra millimeter gained by trimming the edges will be able to differentiate the two models. If the borderless screen is rather convincing, it will be the only real novelty of this new Apple Watch.

In short, if you already have an Apple Watch Series 6, it probably won’t be worth changing this year, unless you’re really interested in that new display. For those who do not care about the millimeter gained, the Apple Watch Series 6 is an excellent choice, especially since its price is falling and it will obviously be entitled to watchOS 8, and will therefore offer an overall similar experience.

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