Apple’s wipe is out of stock!

Apple news has been rich in recent days, but one novelty in particular has caught the attention: a cloth! This piece of fabric, sold at a “very Apple” price, is out of stock until next year.

Is it enough to put the Apple logo on any product to sell like hot cakes? You could believe it! In addition to the new MacBook Pro and AirPods 3 unveiled last Monday, the manufacturer has also, more discreetly, put on sale an unexpected accessory: a cloth intended for cleaning Apple devices that we already have, such as an iPhone, an iPad or still a Mac.

A piece of fabric that we tear off

Not enough to make a fuss, but this product is an insolent success on the Apple Store: the manufacturer announces a shipment in 10 to 12 weeks, beyond Christmas! However, at 25 € each, one wonders who can buy such an object, unless the delusional price asked for this piece of cloth does all the salt and immediately transformed it into essential.

This cloth is made from a non-abrasive material that is soft to the touch. Apple promises it can clean any screen of its brand, including those made of nano-textured glass (an option for the Pro Display XDR monitor and the late iMac Pro). In fact, any screen on any device, whether Apple or not, is “compatible” with the wipe!

Apple already supplies a cloth, which is one of the accessories that comes with the Pro Display XDR. He too has had his share of mockery. It is indeed sold 5,499 € (add 1,000 € for the nano-textured option) and for this price, no stand is delivered: the bill increases by 1,099 € if you want the Pro Stand dedicated to the monitor …

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