Archaeologists have discovered ancient ninja weapons in Japan

Recently, archaeologists discovered japanese weapons who seem to have belonged in the ninja era. It would be dartifacts made in stones having the shape of a small star, thus suggesting that it would be the predecessors of the ninja throwing stars. According to experts, these weapons would have been used several times throughout the history of the Japanese people, especially during the siege of Odawara which took place in 1590.

Among the archaeologists who took part in the excavations is Iwata Akihiroarchaeologist and curator at Museum prefectural of history and of folklore of Saitama.

Ancient weapons steeped in history

Indeed, the artifacts found in Japan could be ninja weapons involved in multiple battles of clan. Thus, archaeologists excavated the artifacts on several Japanese sitesincluding two castles: that of Iwatsuki and that of Hachioji.

ninja weapons would date from the siege of Odawara. At that time, although they were armed, the hojo party ninjas, owners of a significant part of Japan, had not been able to defend the castles. Thus, the Toyotomi and Tokugawa clans assaulted the two castles and invaded the lands of Hojo.

The attack took place during the‘time Sengoku (14671615)a period when the Japan was divided between several warlords who fought for the throne. Finally, in 1615, the Tokugawa clan succeeded in uniting all of Japan under their rule, forming a shogunate that would hold the throne for centuries.

Predecessor artifacts of the shuriken throwing star

Artifacts would be composed of flat stones to throw who could have been ancestors of the clay throwing star. These artifacts could be a basic form of makibishi caltrop (a pointed weapon that could scratch the feet of attackers and horses.)

Those artifacts were surely the weapons of one group of fight who can to pass at the action in so much than ninjas. »

Iwata Akihiro, archaeologist and curator at the Saitama Prefectural Museum of History and Folklore

In addition, the scientist added that the throwing of flat stones served to stop the running of the enemy who could intervene at any time.


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