are the servers restored?

Among Us is currently under a DDoS attack which has made the game inaccessible for several days. When will the servers be operational again on all platforms?

What’s the height for a stealth game? To be infiltrated of course, but by real malicious people armed with a formidable botnet. Among Us, the famous multiplayer game developed by Innersloth, is currently suffering from such a major DDoS attack that the title’s servers have been inaccessible for several days. According to the latest news, shared on March 26 on Twitter, players are still having difficulty logging in.

A critical situation for the studio

This concerns North American and European servers, including France. For the moment, few details are known about this attack, which the studio is trying to manage somehow. As a reminder, and as explained in a previous article on this subject, a DDoS attack “consists in flooding the targeted network with useless requests in order to saturate it; if the attack is of sufficient magnitude, the network is therefore catatonic, and all the associated services are disrupted.

Yes Among Us is a game that is still very popular today, it must be kept in mind that it was developed by a modest team and that the Innersloth studio therefore does not necessarily have the material means to fight against this kind of cyberattack. That’s why connecting to the server but taking so long to get back to normal, while companies like Microsoft sweep them out of hand in just a few hours.

Among Us is normally available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. As of this writing, the game seems to be able to connect to servers episodically and always with some difficulty. It is not uncommon for the connection to drop unexpectedly. On Twitter, the studio states that more information will be shared once the connection has truly stabilized.

The sabotaged saboteur

As serious as this attack is, we can always count on Innersloth to take things lightly, while the studio plays its humor card to make players wait. It’s still a shame for a game of infiltration, whose goal is to sabotage the work of other players when you are the impostor, to infiltrate yourself in real life.

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