Artemis 1: how to follow NASA’s Space Launch System takeoff live

The objective (essentially American) of returning astronauts to the Moon will take a new step this afternoon: the mission Artemis 1, which consists of sending an unmanned capsule on an orbital trajectory around the Moon, will start precisely today at 2:33 p.m. (French time). At this precise moment, the huge SLS rocket ( Space Launch System) designed by NASA will take off from launch pad 39B of the Kennedy Space Center. The mission as a whole should last 42 days and make it possible to collect a great deal of data relating to takeoff (acceleration) and the effect of cosmic radiation on a special suit (a dummy will be equipped with this suit inside the capsule Orion), without forgetting the test of the communication system between the capsule and the teams on the ground.

To not miss anything from this historic mission, just go to the NASA YouTube channel (above). The live broadcast will start in a handful of minutes (at 12.30 p.m. precisely) and will continue until take-off (scheduled for 2.33 p.m.).

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