Artemis 1: take-off has been canceled and postponed to September 2

It all happened a few minutes before takeoff from the SLS. NASA finally decided to cancel the flight of its Space Launch System, citing a technical problem. On his account Twitterthe astronaut Thomas Pésquet specify the nature of the problem: “It seems that a cooling valve is stuck on an engine”. In fact, this day was not under a lucky star for the American space agency: the filling of the tanks (3 million liters of ultracold liquid hydrogen and oxygen) had already started an hour late.

Once this step was completed, one more thing: one of the four RS-25 engines could not reach the necessary temperature. Engineers worked for another 90 minutes before NASA Launch Director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson made the decision to cancel the launch. The next launch of the SLS as part of the Artemis-1 Mission has been postponed to September 2.

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