Artemis 1

Artemis 1: This time, NASA’s SLS is really ready to take off

After several postponements, the Space Launch System (SLS) and its capsule Orion are finally ready to take off. The NASA successfully passed the test wet dress rehearsal, a kind of dress rehearsal that goes from the filling of the tanks to the countdown. After 50 hours of testing and a small hydrogen leak, NASA confirms that everything is ready for takeoff. The SLS will return to the VAB hangar (Vehicle Assembly Building) next week.

Artemis 1

Engineers will then have a little more time to repair the small hydrogen problem and prepare the rocket for launch. Once these preparations have been made, NASA will specify the launch date; on this subject, the American space agency will give a press conference today.

As a reminder, the Artemis 1 mission will last 1 month and will consist of sending the SLS into orbit around the Moon. Astronauts will settle in the Orion capsule from the Artemis 2 mission.

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