Artemis 1 wet launch test finally passed

“Wet rehearsals” are tests simulating a rocket launch without the rocket actually taking off. For some time, the NASA launch team has been facing problems during simulated Artemis 1 launches. They had to abort countless times previous attempts to power the Space Launch System (SLS) due to various leaks and other issues that have already been resolved.

This time, NASA managed to hit a milestone at the end of the test. In the end, the agency was able to fully refuel all of the space launch system’s propellant tanks and was also able to conduct the terminal launch countdown.


What kind of problem did the team face during the recent attempt?

The last attempt at the “wet rehearsal” of Artemis 1 starting last Saturday was able to succeed but to get there, the team had to face several problems. Indeed, refueling was first suspended very early last Monday due to a technical problem with the rocket’s emergency supply of nitrogen gas. After a few hours of repairs, the refueling started again.

This was only of short duration because during the afternoon of Monday, other problems arose. As the NASA launch team was completing the refueling process, they discovered a hydrogen leak but luckily it was not a damaged item. It seems that this incident was caused by a loose connection where the rocket stages must separate. The team quickly found a solution to control the leak.

The test was a success despite everything

After this incident, the Artemis 1 wet launch was successfully simulated in its entirety. They managed to get as far into the countdown as possible to collect the data they needed and got to T-29 seconds before they had to fully complete the test.

The team originally planned to let the countdown reach T-33 seconds before the launch took place but regardless, they successfully performed several critical operations required for the launch during the test .


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