Artemis: Blue Origin back in the race for the lunar lander?

The NASA will have to change his plans. Under pressure from American parliamentarians, the American space agency will launch a new call for tenders for the manned lunar lander of its Artemis program. Two years ago almost to the day, SpaceX had been chosen by the agency for the manufacture of the HLS (Human Landing System), a decision that had put Jeff Bezos in a rage, the boss of Blue Origin believing that his lander project had been unfairly dismissed. Blue Origin had even filed a complaint against NASA, a legal procedure which was subsequently dismissed.

Artemis Nasa

Despite the technological and financial arguments put forward by NASA during its first choice (not to mention the calendar constraints), the representatives of several states (Alabama, Colorado, etc.) weighed heavily for a new deal: the White House now considers that the second lunar lander must be the subject of a formal tender.

Problem, the integration of a second supplier in the project requires a budget extension… to which the Congress is opposed. The cost of the lander project National Team of Blue Origin is thus valued at 6 billion dollars. Nothing says, however, that the call for tenders will automatically lead to the choice of a second lander supplier after SpaceX, knowing that Blue Origin will be hard pressed this time to contest a decision based on the meticulous examination of its project. .

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