Artemis: NASA could send its SLS launcher to the moon as early as February 2022

NASA seems to want to give the Artemis program a boost. The US space agency clarified at a press conference that its SLS (Space-Launch System) launcher will fly to the Moon from February 12, 2022. This flight was initially scheduled for the month of November, but the accumulation of delays in the preparation (inevitable in the context) finally forced the agency to decide on a new date.


NASA is already anticipating a future postponement and specifies that if this were to be the case, the rocket would take off in fine during the months of March or April (it will end up taking off one day, that’s already it). This first flight (Artemis-1) aims to test the safety of the Orion spacecraft. Ultimately, the next SLS flights within the framework of Artemis will have to transport a crew of astronauts to the lunar orbit then in a second time to the surface of the Moon, which had not happened since the mission. Apollo 17 in 1972.

The rocket is now almost ready for takeoff: the Orion spacecraft was placed at its top just a few days ago. The launch of the SLF at the beginning of 2022 will give the signal start of a year particularly rich in space missions for NASA, but also for other space agencies in the world. Besides the United States, Russia, China, India and South Korea have also scheduled lunar missions for next year.

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