Artificial intelligence: China has already folded the game against the United States according to a former Pentagon official

When we talk about artificial intelligence, there are countries that invest heavily (China, United States), those who are struggling to make the necessary efforts (European countries as a whole) and those who are still watching the train go by. (all the others or almost). And in the great match between the United States and China, it would indeed be China which would currently win the game.

According to Nicolas Chaillan, former software manager for the Pentagon, China would even have such a lead that the match would already be “folded” in a way … “We won’t have a chance to fight China in fifteen to twenty years. At present, it is a deal already concluded ” laments the former official in the columns of the Financial Times.

Artificial intelligence

Nicolas Chaillan enumerates the main reasons for this delay, with in mind the refusal of the GAFA to collaborate with the special services or the American army. The ethical concerns of large American firms would therefore slow down the potential for the development of sophisticated AIs capable of participating in national security. Opposite, the Chinese government almost remotely controls the national tech and AI giants, which would allow levels of collaboration and investment totally beyond the reach of GAFA. More generally, the United States would have neglected far too much the technologies of the future linked to AI and cybersecurity, so that the protections of certain departments of state would be “Kindergarten level”.

The specialist’s conclusion is bleak: “In twenty years, our children, both in the United States and among our allies, will have no chance of competing with China”. Since 2017, China has published more patents on AI than the United States.

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