Asus launches an amazing gadget … for cooking

The tech manufacturer, rather known on the laptop market, has just formalized a new gadget, this time intended for budding cooks.

There is no shortage of IoT devices in the kitchen, from robots that can do everything like Lidl’s new Monsieur Cuisine Smart, to connected thermometers and other smart fridges. Because we never have enough, Asus has just launched a new connected object called PureGo PD100. With its false air of a connected mini-speaker, the device is supposed to determine when your fruits and vegetables are properly washed, and therefore suitable for consumption.

By immersing the Asus PureGo PD100 in water, the device is thus able to detect about 70% of pesticides used in the United States, promises the manufacturer, usually best known for the performance of its gaming laptops. The method, if it is therefore not infallible, is based on the presence of an optical sensor protected by a finned filter, able to identify the presence of impure particles in the water soaking the vegetables. a “Dynamic algorithm” then determines whether the foods in question are safe to eat. Note that some foods are not compatible with the PureGo PD100, such as mushrooms, strawberries, spinach, or some algae.

How to use the PureGo PD100?

After washing your vegetables, just let them soak in water for a few minutes, then immerse the Asus PureGo PD100 in it, to let it determine the amount of pesticide residues in the water. A simple process, and which may prove particularly practical for pregnant women (too bad, the presence of soil is not taken into account a priori) and those worried about the kitchen. If the vegetables are deemed fit for consumption, a green light will be displayed, otherwise, the light ring surrounding the object will turn red or orange, a sign that it will probably be necessary to go through the washing box again.

A good idea therefore, but the price of which will undoubtedly make you want to opt for a vegetable peeler (which, we remind you, will not prevent the presence of pesticides). To offer you a PureGo PD100, it will cost nearly $ 200, or a little over € 175. A hell of a budget for a vegetable business. For the moment reserved for the North American public, the device is however accessible on the official website of the brand, where it proudly displays its design award, Reddot 2021.

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