asus moniteur gaming oled 42 et 48 pouces

Asus unveils the very first 42-inch OLED monitor!

At CES 2022, Asus unveiled a new pair of OLED gaming monitors, one 48-inch, and the other 42-inch.

This is a first in the gaming industry. Asus took advantage of CES 2022 to lift the veil on an exceptional 42-inch monitor, using OLED display technology. If this reminds us of LG’s announcement, which also plans to release a 42-inch OLED screen this year, Asus will be the representative of the gaming branch. This is a new version of its ROG Swift gaming monitors. With this model was also announced a 48 inch version, which is it more common.

Named PG42UQ and PG48UQ, these two screens have more or less the same specificities. They first have a 4K UHD resolution coupled with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, the minimum for this kind of gaming monitor. They also have a micro-texture coating that allows you to reduce glare on the screen, giving the monitor a flawless display.

Shimmering colors for immersive parties

The big advantage of the OLED display remains the color contrast incomparable to other technologies on the market. As a result, the brand announces a contrast of 1,000,000: 1 and 98% support for the DCI-P3 color panel. Impressive figures which will be a huge advantage for the immersion of gamers. In terms of connections, the two devices have two HDMI 2.1 ports, two other HDMI 2.0 ports, a USB HUB and DisplayPort 1.4.

As for the HDMI ports, the 2.1 ports support the full 48Gbps bandwidth, as well as variable refresh rate and low latency auto mode for console gamers. The 42-inch format seems to be the best suited for small to medium-sized setups, while the 48-inch is aimed more at experienced customers, and certainly streamers.

For the moment Asus has not shared a release date for these two monitors. However, we expect the brand to deliver them during the second half of 2022, at a price we do not yet know, but which may well make us break the piggy bank.

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