At €4.99 per month, this mobile plan will destroy all its rivals 💥

The MVNO Prixtel crushes the competition with its latest mobile plan. With this one, you won’t even need to break the bank to use your smartphone without too many limitations.

For all households, the start of the new school year is a long-awaited and also very… apprehensive moment. The exceptional expenses of this period weigh on the budget, and each euro saved can do good. In the essential positions, we always find the mobile plan. Depending on the size of the household, this budget can represent several hundred (or even several thousand) euros per year.

In the last decade, the French regulator has ensured that telecom operators facilitate termination and switching: customers are the big winners since they can change operator and mobile plan in minutes – and keep their number. . So there’s no reason not to go where you can save money. For the start of the school year, the MVNO Prixtel is the example to follow.

I take advantage of the Prixtel offer

Why Prixtel? Just because its value for money is excellent. If you take for example its Le petit mobile plan, it stands out from all the rest of the market, without exception: it comes with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and you also have 30 GB per month to consume for 4, 99 euros. And it’s without obligation: you are free to leave whenever you want.

But this subscription has another particularity: it is flexible on its data envelope. Officially, your package is limited to 30 GB. But in fact, Prixtel lets you go up to 40 or 50 GB at a very competitive price. The operator presents this package as a 3-in-1 mobile subscription. You use 30, 40 or 50 GB per month and it will cost you either 4.99 euros, 7.99 euros or 9.99 euros.

Depending on your usage over a month, you will therefore oscillate between these three levels. Where Prixtel is very strong is that these levels are in no way similar to the billing that can be had with the off-package. We also invite you to see which operator offers 50 GB for 9.99 euros per month: they are rare. So you have an excellent price on all three levels.

A personalized and inexpensive subscription

Prixtel is the only operator in France to offer this tier system on the mobile plan. There is a real advantage for the customer: he only pays for what he has actually consumed. All the other operators try to sell subscriptions with as much data as possible… and they save money on unused data. Do you really need a 100 GB package for a month? No, probably not.

In France, most smartphone users consume between 20 and 40 GB per month. That said, there are a few exceptions that can go up to 100 or 150 GB – and that’s why Prixtel has created the Le grand and Le Géant packages. That said, these people are very rare: you have to watch a lot of movies on your smartphone, or share your connection on a regular basis, for example.

I take advantage of Prixtel

If you belong to this population, the Le grand package may be right for you. It starts at 70 GB for 7.99 euros per month and goes up to 110 GB. Otherwise, there is the ultimate formula, The Giant, which goes from 100 to 160 GB and starts at 9.99 euros. To explain things well, this mobile plan will therefore cost you 9.99 euros per month for 100 GB if you stay below this level: this is the best price you can have for the start of the school year.

In general, there is something to understand with these three packages: the most competitive level is the first level. In other words, you have to choose one of these three subscriptions based on your average usage. If you use 30 GB per month instead, the small will be ideal. If you are generally more around 70 GB, it is better to go for Le grand. Finally, if you’re a size consumer (over 100GB), The Giant will be best.

Below is a summary of the first two packages.

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The MVNO kicks off the new school year with a bang

Prixtel is the only operator that offers this flexibility that traditional operators do not have. Inevitably, its margins are more restricted but it does so for the good of the customers. In the end, with low prices and its tier policy, you can significantly reduce your bill. Are there still people in France who have a mobile plan for less than 5 euros per month? It’s very rare, but Prixtel still lets you do it.

The MVNO also has some very strong commitments. First of all, it works for the environment by offsetting all the carbon emissions of its customers’ packages. To achieve this, it collaborates with partners on various projects. Moreover, it also offers subscriptions that are non-binding for the customer: everyone remains free to appreciate the service or not, and to make decisions without constraint.

For the start of the school year, Prixtel revealed this mobile plan to us at 4.99 euros and it is crazy. But it already ends this Tuesday: don’t waste a second to enjoy it. With your RIO code, you can transfer your number to him from your current operator, and the cancellation is done automatically. It’s a very simple way to leave your operator and take advantage of an advantageous rate.

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I take advantage of the Prixtel offer

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