At IREX 2022, Honda and Kawazaki unveil… strange robots

I‘IREXone of the main robotics fairs in the Japan, made it possible to take stock of the state of this technological sector. Two companies distinguished themselves during this 2022 edition with rather strange robot prototypes. Perhaps even weirder than their robots, these two companies are known around the world more for their motorcycles than for their robots.


Kawazaki Robotics thus lifted the veil on Kaleidoa fairly slow humanoid robot capable of climbing on a small platform, and (above all) created a sensation with bex, a robot with the design of an ibex (or a creature from Myazaki) which does not seem to be used for anything other than to walk around on its back (again very slowly). We are still very far from the speed of movement and the agility of Boston Dynamics robots, and that is an understatement.

Honda, Kawa’s competitor in the two-wheeled racing car sector, continues the showdown in the field of robotics. The company took advantage of IREX to once again present its AVATAR robot whose movements can be fully controlled remotely via a VR headset.


Thus controlled remotely, the Avatar robot is capable of handling small objects with precision, but it must be recognized that we are dealing here more with an ultra-sophisticated “remote-controlled” automaton than with a true autonomous robot. The concept could however have an interest for the manipulation of dangerous products, or why not one day, for the collection of samples on another hostile planet (let’s be crazy).

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