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At its current discount, Intego is the best Mac antivirus on the market

Your Mac’s security should be your top priority. For the end of the year, Intego is offering you a way to buy a much cheaper antivirus. You should take the plunge, it is an exceptional guarantee on your data.

If you have a Mac, you’re probably familiar with the entire Intego ecosystem. This last publishes since 1997 various solutions which make it possible to protect his Apple computer. Unlike Bitdefender, McAfee and other Kaspersky, he only focuses on the Apple operating system to optimize security.

It is therefore a safe bet, especially since it has been recognized by AV Comparatives as the best Mac antivirus on the market. Not only is it excellent, but it is also at a reduced price for the month of Black Friday. If you want to equip yourself, you can take advantage of the lowest price ever for this software right now.

If you go on the antivirus alone (however with a firewall as a bonus), it will cost you 19.99 euros per year instead of 49.99 euros. It is therefore 30 euros of immediate discount that will be offered to you. If you have several computers to protect, the bill drops even more: for example, for 3 Macs, it will cost you only 26.99 euros for a year.

To discover all the offers, it’s here:

I take advantage of Intego antivirus

The Mac Premium Bundle, our favorite

If you opt for Intego antivirus, you will have effective protection against attacks from the Internet. That said, we have to go even further to be truly peaceful. In this case, its Mac Premium Bundle X9 tool will provide a total response to attacks. This bundle is composed of several tools that will allow you to bring all the security to a Mac.

For example, in addition to the antivirus, you will have access to a back-up tool in the cloud. It will come back up all your data on a regular basis to avoid any loss. It’s a kind of Dropbox (which costs much less) and which will allow you to find your data at all times. If your computer is a victim of ransomware and your data is held hostage, you can still find it with this backup tool.

Then there is also a tool that will clean your Mac. It will come and find all the duplicates, the installation files or even all the files that are obsolete to offer you a complete cleaning. It is a kind of little CleanMyMac that is included in the offer. We can only advise you, it will significantly speed up your computer.

Finally, we can also cite the tool that will allow parents to define rules to protect their children. This parental control software is always handy.

In terms of price, this Mac Premium Bundle is displayed at 34.99 euros per year instead of 84.99 euros for a machine. If you have two Macs to protect, it will cost you a total of just $ 44.99 per year (that’s just $ 10 more for a second machine). By opting for a license over several years, it can be even cheaper.

To discover this cybersecurity pack signed Intego, it’s here:

I take advantage of the safety pack

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