At only 4.99 euros, this mobile plan makes everyone agree

For a few more days, take advantage of this mobile plan at 4.99 euros with a flexible internet envelope that adapts to your needs and allows you to save a lot.

If you want to make maximum savings on your mobile bill, the offer currently offered by the virtual operator Prixtel is made for you. Until July 12, it is indeed possible to subscribe to the “Le petit” package which starts at only 4.99 euros. The small subtlety of this offer is that it is flexible. To put it simply, it consists of levels which, depending on the amount of mobile data you use, automatically adapts.

Thus, from 0 to 20 GB you pay 4.99 euros, from 20 GB to 30 GB you must add 3 euros, or 7.99 euros, and from 30 GB to 40 GB it goes to 9.99 euros. Note that these rates are at reduced prices for a period of 12 months, after which they increase by 3 euros whatever the level. That said, it’s still very interesting since no other operator on the telecom market offers flexible mobile plans like those put forward on the Prixtel site.

I take advantage of the offer

Concretely, with these formulas, you only pay for what you consume whereas at Bouygues, SFR or Orange, when you choose a 100 GB package and you only use half of it, you pay your package full pot. Prixtel therefore remains one of the best choices for people who want to make real savings on this item of expenditure.

Prixtel: the quality of the SFR network

If you have never heard of Prixtel, know that it is an MNVO (virtual operator) which operates the network of the incumbent operator SFR. Like NRJ Mobile and Cdiscount Mobile, which use Bouygues branches, Prixtel offers packages at ultra-aggressive prices. Like its counterparts, it can afford to display very reduced prices since it does not have physical shops and therefore no advisers or customer service in the field, strictly speaking.

That said, relying on SFR’s experience in terms of the telecom network, Prixtel is able to offer its customers quality mobile plans, with wide network coverage that covers the whole of France. The MNVO nevertheless has its own customer service, renowned for being efficient and responsive. In addition, Prixtel is one of the only virtual operators to commit to protecting the planet.

How ? By offsetting all of the CO2 emissions generated by its customers’ packages and by planting trees throughout France. Finally, all the offers it displays on its site are non-binding. By choosing Prixtel, you opt for an eco-responsible mobile plan, enjoy total freedom and only pay for what you use. This makes him a unique player who has managed over the years to stand out from his competitors in the telecom sector.

I take advantage of the offer

Not one, but three flexible plans

Alongside the “Le petit” package, Prixtel offers two packages with a similar principle with larger internet envelopes. The first, called “Le grand”, allows you to take advantage of a 60 GB to 100 GB package from 6.99 euros per month. The second, “Le penta” is in a limited series and allows you to obtain a package with an internet envelope of between 100 and 160 GB from 9.99 euros per month.

For your information, this package is highlighted on the occasion of the summer edition of LFL Day which will be held on July 21 from the Seine Musicale. As the first telecommunications sponsor in the history of the LFL, the operator gave its name to the event, which thus became “LFL Prixtel Day”. In detail, here are the three packages available to date:

  • The small one from 20 to 40 GB (including 10 GB in EU & DOM) from 4.99 euros
  • The large one from 60 to 100 GB (including 20 GB in EU & DOM) from 6.99 euros
  • The penta from 100 to 160 GB (including 20 GB in EU & DOM) from 9.99 euros

As you can see, you are therefore spoiled for choice. Finally, whatever formula you choose, the price of the SIM card is the same, namely 10 euros that you will have to pay when you subscribe.

What services are included in the Prixtel packages?

In addition to the data usable in France in each plan, you have an envelope to use from the European Union and the overseas departments. For “Le petit”, you therefore have 10 GB, and for “Le grand” and “Le penta” double that, i.e. 20 GB. Also included are classic unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, on the SFR mobile network . Note that if you want to take advantage of 5G, you will have to subscribe to an option (paid) and choose the “Le penta” formula.

All the information, in particular the services which are not included in the packages, can be consulted on the Prixtel website. Also, if you wish to keep your number, this is entirely possible. The procedure is very simple and only requires a few clicks. First, you must obtain your RIO code by dialing 3179 (free). This will then be sent to you by SMS.

Then, just before the payment step, you must enter your RIO number and then choose the date of activation of your line at Prixtel. That’s all ! No need to cancel your current package since Prixtel takes care of it for you. As simple as that!

Even if their prices increase after the first year, the Prixtel packages remain very advantageous compared to the offers of the competition. And since it’s non-binding, nothing prevents you from canceling before the price increase and starting on a new equivalent or more advantageous formula.

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