At the border between Mexico and the United States, a lane reserved for Tesla suppliers

Tesla’s Mexican suppliers can now cross the US border with a dedicated lane. A first, which could apply to other companies as well.

Mexico’s northeast state of Nuevo León is home to six Tesla suppliers who work closely with the automaker’s headquarters in Austin, Texas. However, Nuevo León shares part of its border with the American state. To facilitate the task of Tesla’s subcontractors, the authorities of the region have therefore simply decided to create a special lane entirely dedicated to customs.

Cross the border faster

As a result, supplier trucks can cross the border very quickly, accelerating the group’s business in Texas. For Tesla owners, this unfortunately does not change anything, they will not be able to take this special route to go from Mexico to the United States…

Ivan Rivas, Minister of Economy of Nuevo León, welcomes this initiative: “ What we wanted was a much faster and more efficient crossing “. It does not close the door to the possibility of creating additional pathways for other companies in the future. According to the publication Bloombergit was Elon Musk himself who sealed the deal with the Mexican state.

What we do not know are the details of the agreement between Tesla and Nuevo León. What is certain is that the manufacturer saves time: during peak hours, a truck normally has to wait around twenty minutes to cross the border. And for the Mexican state, it is also a benefit since it gives itself the means to welcome new suppliers for Tesla. Before 2021, there were none. ” Nuevo León is becoming an electro-mobility hub says Ivan Rivas.

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