at the end of the roll 🤕

La Casa de Papel is back for a fifth and final season split into two parts because business is business. A volume 1 composed of five episodes with one goal: to prepare us for the end of the Netflix phenomenon series. We’ve been ready for a long time …

Who would have thought that La Casa de Papel would be entitled to a season 5 at the time? Not us and not the writers apparently so much the series will have offered us an increasingly heartbreaking spectacle over superficial intrigues and inconsistent characters with the sole aim of artificially prolonging the show. But as we follow the adventures of the Professor and his band of robbers with the names of cities from the beginning, we still want to see how it all ends. How it all really ends this time. We are perhaps a bit masochistic.

Netflix unveils the first volume of season 5 to us with the sweet sound of last night because this time, it’s the last of the ders. Promised, swore, spat. The proof, the first episode of the five components this first batch is entitled “At the end of the roll”. We can blame a lot of things for this conclusion part 1, but not its lucidity on what the series has become.

First of all, a little reminder of the facts: the Professor has been compromised and can no longer help robbers left to their own devices and without a plan. For their part, the authorities decide to send the death squad in the way we shoot first, then count the collateral damage.

Big money for small ideas

What will happen next on the screen seems to reflect the state in which the writers find themselves: a total lack of inspiration pushing everything to action. Having previously lost itself in multiple fine twists like menhirs, the series has no more juice and prefers to go frankly in the deluge of lead in order to pass the pill.

Unlimited bullets, flamethrower, rocket launcher, grenade… La Casa de Papel goes to war against its own storytelling scheme to blow everything up like Rambo III. A change of strategy brought obviously awkwardly (we are used to it now) which nevertheless has the merit of offering us a little expense and distraction. As long as things go wrong, the characters don’t have too much time to be unbearable and the show is less lost in its own labyrinth.

It is also an opportunity to offer us some nice ideas giving birth to a small miracle: to make Tokyo touching. Through flashbacks finally exposing his past and his relationship with Rio, our rebel gains in depth and it is about time.

Overall, we can say that this climate of permanent danger benefits the series which can now manage to create surprise without going too much forceps: by putting its protagonists in a situation of imminent death with each exchange of fire. No more endless plans planned 869 episodes in advance, here we are in the immediate future, in situations out of control. Incredible, by admitting weakness in its ability to hold on long, La Casa de Papel manages to renew itself a little. It just goes to show that honesty pays more than robberies.

La Casa de Papel, it was a late … end

This slight upturn in interest won’t magically remove everything that has made the Netflix series the TV definition of “pulling the rope.” If the action takes precedence over the rest, it is because the show has absolutely nothing more to tell. Even the systematic inconsistencies are almost less crude as they only coexist with the wind. So we watch them pass without stopping, just waving to them.

Our heroes are literally emptied and everyone seems to be wondering what they could say or do again to exist. Special mention to the Professor and the inspector who do like us and just watch. Even their eternal juvenile spat no longer even manage to annoy us so much they ring out of tune, added there to flesh out the scenario a little.

Speaking of the broken scenario, we must salute the biggest unnecessary addition of this first part of the season: our eternal Berlin. We know that the writers appreciate, just like the fans, the guy, but at least his previous dedicated flashbacks had the merit of exploring the past of the Professor and the new members of the team. Except that there, this subplot has absolutely no connection with the present. Unless the second part (and we can feel it coming) has a new pirouette in store for us. Apart from breaking the rhythm of the shootings and trying to save time on the progress of events, it is difficult to see what role this uninteresting episode plays.

La Casa de Papel season 5 volume 1 therefore oscillates between boost and filling, as if the series was in a hurry to finish while delaying its execution. We want to say to the writers the same thing as to ourselves: “Courage, more than a handful of episodes to hold! “

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