AWS for Games: Amazon unveils a cloud service for video game studios

Amazon is increasingly specializing its AWS cloud solutions. At GDC 2022, the online retail giant unveiled AWS for Games, a cloud service package for video game studios. The service contains both access to cloud infrastructures (Amazon servers) equipped with powerful GPUs, but also software bricks for remote collaborative work (on a cloud platform).

A game project can thus be entirely carried out on the cloud, from the graphic part (modeling, animations) via Amazon Nimble Studio, to the actual development (code) through the project management as a whole or the deployment of the game and its updates (Live Operations). Amazon even offers a tool for data analysis as well as Cohort Modeleran AI-powered software that helps fight toxic trolls that can harm multiplayer experiences.

Finally, note that AWS for Games servers are protected from cyberattacks by Amazon GuardDuty and AWS Shield (anti DDoS attack shield).

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