Bandai Namco changes its new logo announced in October 2021

After announcing a brand new logo for his company last October, bandai namco has reviewed its copy and now renders a slightly modified visual. The hitherto pink outline has been replaced with a red color.

When a major player in any sector initiates change and the public has little buy-in to it, there are normally two possible scenarios. Either this company remains firm on its support and maintains its relative revolution, or it is decided to go back. In the case of Bandai Namco, it turns out that we recently wanted to do the splits.

In October 2021, the Japanese publisher and developer announced the abandonment of its old logo and the adoption of a new one. Symbolizing the merger between Bandai and Namco, the yellow, orange and red brand had a priori no longer any reason to be after almost fifteen years of existence. The new logo was intended to be more sober, with the Bandai Namco names written horizontally and surrounded by a magenta pink speech bubble.

New Bandai Namco logo: new color before application in April

Bandai Namco has somewhat revised its plans by communicating to its shareholders its medium-term plan for the period running from April 2022 to March 2025. It has thus been announced that the logo will now be circled in red, with a replacement always scheduled to be effective next April. On this occasion, the company recalled the process that led to this new logo:

“The logo design incorporates ‘Bandai Namco’ in a pattern reminiscent of a speech bubble, called ‘fukidashi’ in Japanese. »

“Through this design, the logo expresses the potential of the brand to connect with people around the world through dreams, fun and inspiration and to inspire them with amazing ideas. »

“The speech bubble also represents Japan’s manga culture, which has become popular around the world. In this way, the logo represents our determination to communicate and connect with fans around the world, as we strive to create entertainment unique to Bandai Namco. »

It is true that the first version of the logo did not give the impression of a video game company but rather of a dating site. The news is certainly close to a prohibition sign, but you can’t have everything.

Source: VGC

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