Battlefield 2042 failure is linked to Halo Infinite and Covid-19 according to EA

Battlefield 2042 is a failure, so much so that Electronic Arts recently admitted that the game did not live up to its expectations. Today, the group believes that it is linked to Halo Infinite and to Covid-19.

Battlefield 2042

The reasons for the failure of Battlefield 2042 according to EA

Electronic Arts executives recently held a meeting to discuss the game. According to Xfire, Electronic Arts Studios Director Laura Miele said the game “did not meet the expectations of our players, and also clearly failed to meet our own expectations”. Identifying the reasons for the game’s failure, Laura Miele attributed part of the blame to the project’s huge ambitions, combined with Covid-19 which created unexpected variables in the development process.

She added that there are a lot of feedback from players about bugs and the game feeling like it’s not finished. But at the same time, she assures that Electronic Arts has received a significant number of positive reactions from some players. After launch Battlefield 2042 and the deployment of the first corrective update, “the game was stable” and “early critical reception was good”according to the manager.

Halo Infinite did not help

Another element pointed out is the release of the game Halo Infinite on Xbox and PC. According to Laura Miele, there were comparisons between the two games that didn’t work in favor of Battlefield 2042. Halo Infinite was perceived as a much more successful title, according to his words.

On the other hand, Laura Miele acknowledged that Electronic Arts has always had bug issues with DICE games at launch, but said that the number of bugs for Battlefield 2042 was within the range expected by EA compared to other launches. So the company thought the problems would be manageable. However, she believes that player expectations have changed when it comes to games of this type, and that the previous model of releasing the game and then patching it later is no longer valid.

Recently, a petition emerged. Players claim reimbursement of Battlefield 2042. This petition now has more than 200,000 signatures.

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