Battlefield 2042 (finally) adds the scoreboard and other elements

Battlefield 2042 (finally) adds the scoreboard and other elements

DICE announces Update 0.3.3 for Battlefield 2042 finally with the arrival of the scoreboard. Players had to wait almost four months to get it, while it is a basic element of an FPS.

The most surprising with the late arrival of the scoreboard in Battlefield 2042 is that there was not this problem with the previous games. All of them allowed to know the number of people killed by the players, the number of times they died and other details. Fairly standard data in itself. Corn Battlefield 2042 only now welcomes this information.

Update 0.3.3 will be available today on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Here are all the changes it includes according to the notes shared by DICE:


In January, we announced that we were planning to rework the scoreboard interface based on community feedback. Thanks to your feedback, it became apparent to us that the first iteration of the scoreboard needed further tweaking to match your requirements. We have taken your feedback into account and are ready to release the new scoreboard through this update.

The game summary has been improved and placed on the left side of the screen. It still includes game information, objective progress and ticket counts, as well as your personal stats (kills, assists, deaths) and current ping.

The scoreboard now displays information for each team separately in certain team modes such as Conquest, Breakthrough, Rush, and Team Deathmatch. The number of deaths also appears.

Although these are two of the most requested missing items, this is the first version of the scoreboard. Further improvements will be made via future updates based on your feedback (such as the scoreboard displayed on the end of round screens).

The Exclusive Inflexibility Legendary Pack

Anyone who owns Battlefield 2042 Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition, Year 1 Pass or Year 1 Pass and Ultimate Upgrade Pack* as well as EA Play Pro* subscribers can now enjoy the Legendary Inflexibility Pack*, free by the entire Battlefield team as a thank you for their loyalty.

The pack contains the following items:

  • Zero Resistance Skin for Mackay
  • Grasshopper weapon skin for the K30
  • Swift Hammer weapon skin for the M44
  • Iron Chariot vehicle skin for the M5C Bolte
  • Raider Melee Weapon Skin
  • Determination game sheet background
  • Inflexibility Game Sheet Icon

Those eligible for the exclusive Inflexibility Legendary Pack will be able to find all of these items in the Collection and Game Sheet screens as soon as Update #3.3 is released.


  • Fixed a game crash that could occur on Origin or Xbox One when logging in or out while using an Xbox One controller.
  • It is no longer necessary to restart the game for the chat-related keybinding to take effect.
  • Adjusted aim assist on console so that the system is effective when the analog sticks are at 100% range. Before, it was only active at ranges less than 100%.
  • Fixed a bug where melee kills on Xbox One and PlayStation┬«4 were not counting as kills.
  • Establishment of a new site for our EU Data Center in Frankfurt.


  • Conquest and Breakthrough: Fixed a bug that would trigger the EXP event of securing an objective even if the capture point had already been captured before.
  • Hazard Zone: Fixed a visual bug that displayed squad members during the sequence that takes place when a match is found.
  • Hazard Zone: Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented gaining EXP at the end of a round.

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