Battlefield 2042 heals penguins

A player of Battlefield 2042 found that the penguins in the game could be healed using the right tool. Apart from the satisfaction of having rendered service to others, this action would however not entail any particular consequences.

Animal welfare is not the first concern in the design of a video game. A fortiori when it places the player in a war where the destruction of the other takes precedence over almost everything else. So it can be argued that when the studio is not promoting it, any apparent attempt to consider virtual beasts of all kinds is accidental.

Reddit credit.

On this Thursday, December 2, 2021, user u / dunaike of the reddit platform reported what appears to be unanticipated action by the developers of Battlefield 2024. The player began by landing their helicopter on the Breakaway map, near a location known to be home to penguins.

Battlefield 2042: Penguins Seen as Vehicles?

Without knowing how this idea came to him, this player took out a repair tool and used it on a penguin. A device that would, a priori, hardly be used in Battlefield 2042, but which had an effect on the penguin: it regenerated it. In the dunaike video, we observe that it is only when the tool is switched on on the animal that the latter displays a health bar. Bar which is nibbled but which the player can therefore reload with the force of his tool.

Once the bar sports a light green for all possible length, nothing special happens. The penguin does not appear to be more attracted to you, and no visual or audio fulfillment is triggered. The question of the health bar in penguins remains unanswered, however. Some players think it could mean that these beasts are seen as vehicles by the game’s engine. But perhaps even more intriguing, how did these penguins end up wounded in this way? A discussion about the food gone bad? Players won over by boredom who would have targeted them? It would be a shame if future fixes remove this ability to feel like an Allain Bougrain-Dubourg.

Source: reddit

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