Battlefield 2042 introduces a zombie mode and removes it for too easy XP

After deploying the mode “Zombie Survival” for his Battlefield 2042, DICE made the decision to remove it after about a day of existence. The reason, since clarified by a member of development: this mode made it possible to gain experience in a way that was far too easy to be tolerated.

About two weeks ago, the players of Battlefield 2042, at least the most alert, had been able to discover a new game mode called “Zombie Survival”. A mode which one could as well wonder if it arrived just in time or well after the fashion of the living dead.

This mode, as one might suspect, allowed a team of human players to face zombies. History that the first go to teach the second that between life and death, it was necessary to choose. A lesson that obviously worked too well, to the point that DICE simply deactivated the mode after a day of activity.

Battlefield 2042: “Zombie Survival” mode replaced by “Gun Game”

The official reason for removing ‘Zombie Survival’ from Battlefield 2042 had obviously not been given immediately. It wasn’t until Friday, January 21 that Justin Wiebe, Senior Design Director at Ripple Effect Studios (a studio working on Battlefield game modes and expansions), gave some clues as to why and how:

“We removed Zombie Mode and replaced it with Gun Game. We hope to fix this issue in the future and bring it in line with standard game progression. We’ve also beefed up our review process to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

Earlier today, Justin Wiebe replied this to a user who complained that this Zombie mode is a real easy experience farm:

“I’m not going to lie, this one shouldn’t have made it through our review process. I think our desire to create a fun zombies mode clouded our ability to see something as simple as the impact it would have on progression. I am truly sorry for the difficulties this has caused.”

The director also appeared open to suggestions to make this progression fairer, in particular by setting up filters. Fortunately, 2042 is still a long way off.

Source: Kotaku

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