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Battlefield 2042: maps will be smaller following player criticism

DICE, which develops Battlefield 2042, announces changes, including smaller maps. This follows player criticism that the existing maps are way too big and you have to walk around for a while before you actually face other players. The studio also did its own research.

Battlefield 2042

Smaller maps are coming to Battelfield 2042

In its research, DICE says it has uncovered issues with traversal, intensity, aiming, paths and cover in maps of Battlefield 2042. The game maps are too big and the objective areas are too scattered. Players take too long to move from their base to the nearest objective, resulting in significant traversal time. “We’ve seen you use terms like Walking Simulator to describe what it feels like to be in the game”the studio said. “We understand that this is not a satisfying experience and agree that there is too much travel time overall”.

However, once in combat, things can get a bit too intense with the number of players and vehicles swarming around. DICE said it was considering reducing the number of players in some modes to 64 (down from 128 today). There is also talk of removing the number of vehicles players have access to.

The studio is going to bring certain bases and certain objectives closer together. As can be seen in the image below, Sector 1 attack groups are much closer together in the prototype layout (right), and attackers will start on the same side of the map as the goal. This should help focus players in the objective area and reduce time spent walking from base to attack points.

Battlefield 2042 Smaller Map

We will have to wait for this summer…

On the other hand, sometimes players have few areas to protect themselves. So it’s easy to get killed. DICE is aware and is exploring more ways for players to hide when traversing the map. The studio also wants players to be able to take more clearly defined paths, which should make defending an objective more predictable.

Map changes in Battlefield 2042 will gradually take place, starting with the Kaleidoscope map that already exists. The new version will not arrive before this summer. We will then have to wait for the new cards. These will happen gradually over time.

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