Battlefield 2042: Third Update Fixes Over 150 Bugs

Battlefield 2042 has the right this Thursday to its third update and this one wants to be massive since it fixes more than 150 bugs. There are also interface tweaks. As a reminder, the previous patch saw the light of day at the end of November.

Battlefield 2042: Third Update Fixes Over 150 Bugs

A big corrective update for Battlefield 2042

One of the biggest changes is an evolution of the user interface intended to make some important information much clearer. After this update, downed players will be able to see if there are other players within 50 yards of them. So they will know if someone is able to revive them. The game will also tell the downed player if their resuscitator signals them that they are on their way. Equally useful, the interface will now display an icon over the heads of friendly players if they need additional ammo or healing. So you can help them if you are equipped with this item.

DICE, the studio that develops Battlefield 2042, has also updated the equipment menus to make them less cumbersome, in particular the More menu which allows you to change accessories during a game. The patch notes do not, however, describe exactly what has changed.

Battlefield 2042 Flight

As said before, the third update of Battlefield 2042 includes over 150 various and varied fixes. Cross-platform invites should now be more consistent, as should matchmaking as a whole. The in-game menus should also be smoother, especially when transitioning out of a game.

Some oversights despite everything

It is good to note that several items claimed by players are still not there. This includes the scoreboard and voice chat during a game. They were there on previous Battefields and wanted to be practical. Players will therefore have to wait to eventually get them again. DICE is also silent on performance issues with PC gaming.

The third update of Battlefield 2042 will be available tomorrow on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. The (very) long list of fixes can be found on this page.

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