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Become untraceable on the net thanks to this quality VPN

Worried about your online privacy? Opt for CyberGhost VPN to browse securely, on all networks.

Are you worried about your online security and more specifically the monitoring of your activities? You are right, because on the Internet, your browsing can be easily spied on, whether for malicious people, advertisers, or even your employer or your Internet service provider.

But then, how to make sure to become untraceable on the web, as on connected applications? It’s very simple: all you need is a VPN (Virtual Private Networks). These cybersecurity applications are accessible to everyone and provide security and anonymity while giving access to many other advantages, such as circumventing geo-limitations, for example.

We explain everything to you to become invisible on the net using CyberGhost.


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How to be anonymous on the Internet?

You may be looking to become anonymous on the Internet for many reasons, which we briefly covered in the introduction. But then, how? The simplest and most affordable solution is the VPN.

A Virtual Private Network will act on several levels so that your online activity and everything related to it is untraceable. This is particularly the case with CyberGhost VPN. This software is excellent: it encrypts your browsing data using a powerful algorithm, and at the same time, it completely hides your IP address.

Within seconds, it makes your identity and location inaccessible. CyberGhost also prevents anyone from reading your browsing information (such as your passwords, your bank details, or your browsing history).

From there, you can therefore browse 100% anonymously, and no longer fear piracy, espionage or unwanted advertisements. But CyberGhost’s benefits for your online security don’t end there.

Its application integrates the Kill Switch option, which suspends your traffic as soon as the VPN disconnects accidentally. You are therefore assured that your anonymity will never be compromised. And the good news is that CyberGhost is currently slashing its prices.

The VPN actually displays 84% ​​discount as well as 4 months free on its 3-year subscription. In total, you will therefore get 40 months, for only €77.61, i.e. a monthly cost of €1.94. Compared to the normal price of this subscription, which is almost €480 (or almost €12 per month), you will make great savings.

The other advantages of a VPN like CyberGhost

Want to learn more about VPNs? You are right, because security is not their only asset. To continue with CyberGhost VPN, know for example that this provider has more than 8,000 servers in 91 countries.

You will be able to connect anywhere in the world, which will have the effect of modifying your IP address (for example, you will be able to have an American IP address). Your location will be perceived as being in the United States and you will then have access to all the content of this country: Netflix catalog, television channels, game servers, etc.

Also note that for a unique experience, CyberGhost VPN provides dedicated servers for streaming that offer a high-speed connection. In addition, thanks to its specialized servers for online gaming, CyberGhost is also a valuable ally for all gamers.

CyberGhost is also appreciated by Internet users with its application that is very easy to use and compatible on many media: computer, tablet, smartphone, but also console, smart TV and router. And as a reminder, know that this VPN is currently available for only €1.94 per month.

This offer is all the more interesting because it gives you time to think things over, thanks to a 45-day money-back guarantee. You can therefore subscribe without risk, try the VPN serenely, and be fully reimbursed if you change your mind. All you have to do is ask customer support, which is available 24/7.

Clearly, CyberGhost combines the advantages. It ensures your safety and makes you anonymous on the net. Also, it allows you to bypass geoblocks and access a unique browsing experience, all very simply. It’s one of the best VPNs out there, so check it out.

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