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before Black Friday, ISPs declare price war

Everyone’s giving discounts for Black Friday, including telecom operators. Here are the best internet box offers.

If you are looking for a new Internet box, now is the time to change your ISP. Bouygues Telecom and RED by SFR both show discounts on their respective ranges. The price aggressiveness is such that you absolutely must consider changing the formula.

Bouygues Telecom and RED by SFR offer very different Internet boxes, which is the point of the current offers. And for good reason, you will inevitably find your happiness among one of their formulas offered at low prices. Nevertheless, it should be specified immediately that the current offers end shortly (from Monday evening for the second ISP), it is therefore necessary to activate.

See the Bouygues Telecom offer

Changing your Internet box is simple, you don’t need more than ten minutes to go to the official ISP site and confirm your choice. The whole process is done online and you will receive your new box in the days following the order. The cancellation procedure with your current operator is just as simple.

Bouygues Telecom, 3 Internet boxes at a low price

Bouygues Telecom stands out with its range of Internet boxes at reduced prices this weekend. The ISP is known for its offers, it puts forward several formulas – all are at a discount so that everyone can navigate in terms of budget and features. You have a few days to take advantage of it, after which the prices displayed this weekend will disappear from the official site.

Bouygues Telecom’s first box is the most accessible. Called Bbox Fit, it costs 15.99 euros per month for fiber (300 Mb / s for downloading and 200 Mb / s for sending) as well as unlimited calls to landlines in France and more than 110 countries. This is the best deal at the moment from the official supplier, it is perfect if you don’t have a TV.

To see this Internet box at Bouygues Telecom, it’s here:

See the Bouygues Telecom offer

Otherwise, Bouygues Telecom highlights two other Internet boxes, they are also relevant in terms of monthly price and technical characteristics. The second is a perfect offer so as not to pay too much without skimping on the TV option, while the third is really premium. Here are the details of the subscriptions:

  • Bbox Must : 22.99 euros per month for Fiber (1 Gb / s for downloading and 400 Mb / s for sending), 180 TV channels and unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles
  • Bbox Ultym : 28.99 euros per month for Fiber (2 Gb / s for downloading and 600 Mb / s for sending), 180 TV channels and unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles + bonus

In addition to these Internet boxes, you can also benefit from the Samsung Smart TV at 49 euros only at the moment (it combines a box with a Samsung TV). Details are available on the official Bouygues Telecom website. Otherwise, know that the three offers benefit from this guaranteed rate for one year, it is also the duration of the commitment with the supplier. After this period, you can completely cancel without having to give an account.

If you choose an Internet box from Bouygues Telecom, you should also know that the supplier can assume up to 100 euros for termination fees on his account. In this case, you are assured of being able to change to one of its subscriptions without having to hand it over to your pocket during the transition from your current provider.

RED by SFR, unique and without commitment

For its part, RED by SFR stands out with a unique Internet box before Black Friday on Amazon. It is doing very well with a unique offer without commitment and accompanied by optional options that allow you to personalize your subscription. Very simple, it remains flexible and efficient on a daily basis. The discount is active until November 8 at midnight (Monday), don’t wait any longer for savings.

The RED by SFR Internet box is available at a price of 22 euros per month for fiber with very high speed (1 Gb / s for downloading and 500 Mb / s for sending) with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles. Normally, this same offer costs 40 euros per month, you save 45% by choosing this formula this weekend.

To discover this Internet box at RED by SFR, it’s here:

See the RED by SFR offer

The big advantage of this Internet box lies in the fact that its price remains stable over time, it does not double or triple after one year. This means that you are sure to benefit from an aggressive price for the duration that you remain a customer with RED by SFR. On the other hand, you can leave when you want, after a few months or a few years, since this subscription is without commitment of duration.

To take advantage of the TV option with this Internet box, you have two choices: in all cases, you must take the decoder at 19 euros as a single payment. For 35 channels, the monthly price of the offer does not vary and remains at 22 euros per month. If you want to access 100 channels, the subscription then costs 25 euros per month with all the features we mentioned above. It is still very suitable for such an option and you don’t need to pay for an unnecessary option if you never have a TV.

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