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Before Christmas, here’s how to earn 130 € in 5 minutes (it’s free)

Until Monday evening, Boursorama Banque is offering a premium of 130 euros to all its new customers. This involves opening an account (unconditional, free and without obligation) in a few minutes … and then that’s it. With this boosted premium, now is the best time to take advantage of it.

As Christmas draws closer, the cost of gifts is a real burden to some. If you want to put butter in the spinach, Boursorama Banque is offering you a bonus of 130 euros to open an account this weekend: it’s free, without obligation and without conditions. In 5 minutes, you will secure this amount easily.

Here are the few constraints to benefit from this offer: you must be of legal age, reside in France and open the Ultim account. The latter is free and unconditional. All French people can therefore access it, with no income obligation and no obligation to make it a main account. It will be necessary enter the code PKWD130 to enjoy.

I take advantage of 130 €

Obviously, beyond the welcome bonus, Boursorama Banque is an excellent bank. It is even the cheapest for the 14th year according to a ranking published by Le Monde a few days ago. In the end, you will be able to open an account almost as quickly as with an N26 or Revolut, except that you will receive here 130 euros of premium (against 0 euro for the two others).

How to get the Boursorama Banque bonus?

Boursorama Banque is not used to offering such a high premium for opening an account. By default, customers receive a maximum of 80 euros for a checking account. Here, you therefore have a bonus which is significantly higher: 130 euros. The procedure is strictly the same, so you better use this Pink Weekend to get that money.

Here is the procedure to obtain the bonus of 130 euros:

  1. Open an account (free) = 50 euros
  2. Order your Ultim card (free) = 80 euros

Whether on computer or mobile, you will see that filling out a form at Boursorama Banque is very easy and intuitive. In a few minutes, you will be able to reach the end and finalize your registration. Then, it will just be necessary to make a first deposit (300 euros minimum) to obtain the bonus of 50 euros. If you don’t have to leave this money in the account, you shouldn’t close it right after.

I take advantage of 130 €

Then, you will have to order your Ultim card from your personal space to receive the second tranche of 80 euros. It’s just a symbolic step that allows you to receive this bonus, it will cost you nothing. Ultim customers will receive 80 euros while Welcome customers will only receive 30 euros. The latter have a more limited account at the level of the ceilings (and no overdraft), which is less interesting.

In the past year, Boursorama Banque upgraded its Ultim account. It’s free and unconditional – like the Welcome account. The latter being more limited, it has lost popularity to the detriment of the Ultim account. The latter represents an archi majority of current account openings. You really have everything to gain from it, whether in terms of the welcome bonus or the level of daily service.

Current account

Conditions: No income condition – Welcome and Ultim cards

Annual fees: € 0 • Initial deposit: € 300

Check deposit: ✔ • Cash deposit: ✘

Bank card

Monthly cost of the card: 0 €

Euro zone withdrawals: Free • Euro zone payments: Free

Withdrawals in foreign currency: 1.69% • Payments in foreign currency: Free

Proposed cards

Mobile payment



Do you have to be a regular customer with Boursorama Banque?

Opening an account with Boursorama Banque does not commit you to anything. You don’t need to close your current account, nor do you need to domiciliate your salary in online banking. The only condition for the account to remain free is that you must complete at least one transaction per month: that’s all.

Boursorama Banque is not forcing you in any way, but it knows that you will naturally come there. Indeed, it is the cheapest bank in France and more than 60% of its customers have paid no fees at all. If you have a classic use of your account and your card, it will cost you nothing. To give you the total average of all the bank’s customers, they paid 7.73 euros in fees in 2020. Compare with your fees.

To give you a point of comparison, the French have spent on average more than 210 euros in bank charges per year. Boursorama Banque with its model has totally disrupted the market with an offer available online and highly competitive. In terms of the website and the mobile application, the bank is excellent: D-Rating has also voted it the best digital bank in Europe.

In terms of service, Boursorama Banque is also excellent. It has a range of banking products as wide as your neighborhood bank: savings, loans, stock market or insurance, it has brought everything together. It is obviously more complete than neo-banks like N26 or Revolut (while its mobile interfaces are just as simple and cheaper), but it is also more complete than other online banks.

We could also talk about its customer support, which came first on the Customer Relations Podium in 2021 for the third year in a row. But if you need to know more, we invite you to go directly to the online banking site to find out more.

We remind you that this Pink Weekend is a totally exceptional operation. It lasts from December 17 to 20 and is essential as a Christmas gift from the bank. This event takes place a few times a year but it is very rare: if you intend to get off to a good start in 2022 by saving money on all your expenses, now is the time to take advantage of it. .

To discover the Pink Week-end, it’s here:

I take advantage of 130 €

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