Ben Kingsley in the casting of a mysterious Marvel series

The Mandarin will be making a comeback on Disney+ in a rather mysterious series.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to grow. The Disney + platform entered the dance more than two years ago, the heroes of the big screen are no longer confined to this medium. The actors of the MCU navigate between supports and franchises, one of them is about to make a comeback in the small skylight. It is not a central protagonist in the universe inspired by comics, but an antagonist all the same quite striking.

Trevor Slattery, aka the MandarinIron Man 3will make an appearance in the series wonder-man. Announced last June, the production is still very mysterious, so it is difficult to explain the presence of Ben Kingsley in the casting. According variety, this could be a confirmation that the series will borrow from comedy and satire. After all, this failed actor has been the MCU’s comedic surety on numerous occasions. This was particularly the case in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ringshis latest appearance.

A new billionaire

If you’re not a comic book reader, the name Wonder Man probably doesn’t ring a bell. Appearing in 1964 in Avengers, Simon Williams is a wealthy heir who almost bankrupted the company by embezzling funds to invest in the MAGGIA, a criminal organization. He resented competition from Stark Industries and their champion Iron Man. He then asked Baron Zemo for help in undergoing ion energy treatment, and gaining powers.

Wonder Man at Disney
Credits: Marvel Comics

He has incredible strength and is invulnerable. He can fly, and doesn’t need to drink, eat or breathe. He is almost immortal. First antagonist, he will face the Avengers several times, he will finally decide to join them. He will end up falling in love with the Scarlet Witch.

In addition to being a billionaire, Simon Williams is also an actor. This is how he could meet the character played by Ben Kinglsey. We do not know, however, if Wanda will be part of it, or even if the production will be linked to Ironheart. After all, with Tony Stark dead, the anti-hero has no rival. You will probably have to wait a bit to find out.

On the other hand, we know of Destin Daniel Cretto, who had directed Shang Chi, will executive produce and co-create the series. The identity of who will camp Wonder Man has not been shared by the House of Ideas. The project being at an embryonic stage, we should not expect to discover it immediately on our screens. It is rumored, however, that production could be launched as early as next year, for broadcast in 2024 probably.

In the meantime, the program will be loaded for Marvel. During Comic-Con, the firm announced a plethora of new projects on the small and big screen. The franchise is far from having said its last word. We’re still expecting a new feature this year, and at least one more Marvel series on Disney+.

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