BenQ ScreenBar Halo, a practical desk lamp that takes care of your eyes

After an interesting and effective first ScreenBar, BenQ is back with a new model called ScreenBar Halo, supposed to erase the few complaints that we had on the previous version. Verdict?

The BenQ ScreenBar Halo still has a cylindrical design in black aluminum and is positioned on the top edge of the screen (flat or curved screen), its light blends perfectly into your workspace, and above all frees up space. space on your desk! In addition, this lamp can relieve your eyestrain due to the screen of your computer.

An even more efficient clamp

Installing the Halo ScreenBar is really simple. To do this, simply place the lamp on top of your screen thanks to its clamp equipped with a weight with a silicone coating that allows it to hold firmly on the surface of the computer without damaging it. As for its power supply, the lamp simply benefits from a cable with a classic USB plug that you plug in either directly to the screen, if it is equipped with a dedicated port, or to the tower of your pc.

The ScreenBar Halo is now designed with a new patented clamp with an opening radius of up to 180 degrees! This allows it to be compatible with monitor frames with a thickness of 0.7 cm to 6 cm. The good news is that 1000-1800 R curved screens with a curvature of 1.6 to 4.2 cm are also compatible.

Finally, to integrate a webcam into your set-up, it is possible to buy an accessory that allows you to place the webcam above the ScreenBar Halo, which was not necessarily possible on the previous version. . A small foam element which is placed behind the screen, makes it possible to reinforce the pressure of the clamp in order to compensate for the weight of the webcam. No more worries about your video sessions!

Simpler commands

Unlike the previous version, the big difference in this latest edition is the control part, which moves from the lamp to a real (battery-powered) wireless Bluetooth remote control. This allows the lamp to be controlled up to 1 meter away.

This round remote control has a proximity sensor, touch controls, as well as a dial to adjust the light intensity (16 graduations). For example, simply wave your hand over the remote to wake it up. It has 5 control options, indicated directly on the panel, thus offering a truly personalized light.

If we encountered some problems with the tactile part, the addition of a remote control is clearly a good thing. Indeed, once installed and adjusted, you will no longer need to touch the lamp, everything happens directly with the remote control which allows you to adapt the light to its environment precisely, but also automatically via its sensor. ‘atmosphere. Only regret, the shiny surface of this remote control which takes all fingerprints!

The color temperature goes from 2700K up to 6500K (from yellow to white), you can adjust the intensity of the light and there is even a favorite mode to save your favorite settings. The remote control also allows you to choose between three light modes depending on your activities (front light, rear light, front + rear light). While the automatic mode of the ScreenBar Halo (brightness sensor placed directly on the light bar) detects the brightness of your environment and offers a light of 500 Lux, ideal for your workspace. Also note that BenQ’s asymmetry technique emits even more precise light on the desktop than the previous version, which is good for your eyes!

A longer light bar

This ScreenBar Halo now offers a length of 50cm and allows for greater lighting coverage, ranging from 40cm wide by 65cm long. Bar rotation adjustment is up to 35° to easily adjust lighting coverage. The lamp offers lighting with several LEDs, all with a lifespan of around 50,000 hours according to the manufacturer.

As mentioned above, the bar offers three light modes:

  • Front light: a light to optimize your concentration
  • Rear light: providing ambient lighting
  • Front and rear light: providing more illumination that helps you work longer

If you work in the evening with another light in your room, the front light will suffice, but if you are completely in the dark, the front light accompanied by the rear light will be much more pleasant. The least useful remains the rear light alone, which is more intended to be a night light.

The light produced by the BenQ lamp has been specially designed to illuminate only the surface of the desk, and thus avoids annoying reflections and therefore shine on the screen. By adjusting the light towards your desk with the right intensity, your eyestrain will decrease while improving screen comfort over the long term.

Price and availability

BenQ’s new ScreenBar Halo is available at the official price of 169 euros.

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