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Between winning the lotto and winning a whooper, you have to choose

For this Friday the 13th lotto, Burger King compensates the losers with a delicious Whooper.

Like every Friday the 13th, some companies are trying their best to turn this traditionally unlucky day into an opportunity to reverse the tide. This is particularly the case of the Française des jeux, which grants the winner of the lottery a colossal sum, this time of 13 million euros. This Friday, May 13, many lotto enthusiasts, but also all those for whom this number brings good luck, will also try their luck with a ticket.

And as winners are rare, Burger King undertakes to compensate all those who, by misfortune, do not have a correct number. In a special campaign, called Loser King (understand the king of winners), the famous fast-food brand announces that it wants to offer a Whooper to all those who claim it with their losing lotto ticket. You will therefore not have lost everything, and this will be an opportunity for the firm to bring people back to its restaurants.

How and where to claim your free Whooper?

Obviously, the campaign will be present in a limited way and will not be available in all the restaurants of the firm. To know all those who participate in the operation, you will have to go to the Burger King website. You will then have until May 15 included to claim your Whooper, within the limit of one burger per person per day. So don’t have fun playing 15 different tickets, unless you really want to put all the luck on your side to win the jackpot. In any case, this technique will not work with Burger King.

On our side, we can only wish you luck, even if having a Whooper as a consolation prize is enough to convince us that finally, Friday the 13th is not so terrible. If you are a fan of movies and video games, this will also be an opportunity to bring out horror classics with the movies. Friday 13 and the game Friday the 13th.

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