Beware of this La Poste scam that starts in your mailbox

Have you received a delivery notice from La Poste? It may be a scam. On social networks, Internet users report having received false delivery notices in their mailbox. They refer to a fake site that tries to retrieve your bank details.

After the CPF scam and fraudulent SMS, a new form of scam is coming for the start of the school year. The method is surprising since it does not start a fake message on your smartphone, but in your mailbox. On Twitter, user Flavio Perez announces that he has a received a fake transit advice note from La Poste. Very close to an original, it is “very easy to believe” as explained by the Internet user who alerted to this discovery.

The delivery notice invites us to connect to the site to “confirm the re-delivery of your letter”. This is where the scam surprises since both the link and the QR code refer to the official La Poste website before redirecting you to a fraudulent site. As can be seen in the images below, the fake site uses the aesthetic codes of the group and invites you to enter your bank details. Note that the tracking number is none other than the one that La Poste uses as an example on its site (6Q01929938641).

The author of this discovery and several users report that the scam is spreading in the city of Montpellier. At the time of these lines, we see that the link has been disabled and an alert message is displayed when you try to access the site. Similarly, the fake “laposteaide” site appears to be deactivated.

Laposte help scam
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How could the site be hijacked?

The perpetrators of the deception exploited a flaw in the website. It allows the user to write to any site, using a link shortener in passing. At the time of these lines, it remains possible to use the technique to refer to another site. This new discovery comes as the group is going through a complicated period; marked by difficulties for the service at the beginning of the year and virus that paralyzed La Poste Mobile.

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