beware of this SMS scam that empties your bank account

This well-established SMS phishing campaign can siphon off your bank account.

You may have received text messages in recent days stating “Your package has been sent. Please check it and receive it“. In recent weeks, scam campaigns on the notice of passage have multiplied, referring to a shortened link. Well written and sent by a French number, the message is well enough shot to encourage people to click.

Obviously, it’s a trap. The link present in the SMS will offer you to update your Chrome browser by downloading the file “mxpcqpgjyk.apk“. Once installed, the software will take on the appearance of the browser, and then ask you all kinds of permissions, such as sending and receiving text messages, or accessing contacts. The malware will then act under water to collect information from your phone, before sending it to hackers.

A well-crafted scam

Once the information has been collected, the hackers will then send you a error message from your bank, indicating that your access has been blocked and that it is necessary to identify yourself again. Once this last information has been entered, and thanks to the authorizations previously granted, all they have to do is take control of your bank account. A phishing email will also be sent to all your contacts.

What to do if you fell into the trap?

If you have already downloaded the malware, the first thing to do is to notify your bank so that it can take the necessary measures. Also, make sure you’ve deleted the affected app from your phone’s settings. Remember that it is always best to install only apps validated by official stores. You can also install an antivirus on your smartphone to limit the risks. Precautions which will not make hacking attempts impossible, but which should deter some hackers.

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