Big failure of the application that controls the remote opening and starting of Tesla cars

Big panic for many Tesla drivers this Friday. The mobile application was no longer able to connect to vehicles anywhere in the world. Things returned to normal, but it took a few hours.

Tesla’s mobile app is essential in order to be able to fully utilize the capabilities of the car. It is used, for example, to open the vehicle and to start remotely. It is also possible to access many controls and settings. Suffice to say that the failure of this application is a nightmare.

Elon instantly

This is what happened this Friday, lasting several hours, for many owners of Tesla vehicles. The app simply could not connect to the car, so it was impossible to use its functions. In these cases, there is always a way to use Bluetooth with the smartphone which allows you to unlock the vehicle, or quite simply to use the physical key provided.

But for drivers used to managing everything from the app, those few hours may have seemed quite long. Fortunately, everything was back to normal on Friday evening, but the experience was instructive for the automaker. On Twitter, Elon Musk took matters into his own hands by announcing that he was checking the issue and then reassuring his followers that things were back to normal.

He explains that the traffic on the servers was suddenly much higher than usual, an error coming from the manufacturer. Elon Musk apologizes for the inconvenience, ” we will take action to make sure this does not happen again He adds.

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