Big fundraising for OpenSea, valued over $ 13 billion

Big fundraising for OpenSea, valued over $ 13 billion

OpenSea, NFT’s main buying and selling platform, is on the rise. A funding round this week values ​​the company at $ 13.3 billion! Sign of investor interest in non-fungible tokens …

NFTs continue to take the money and attract colossal sums of money from investors keenly interested in the potential of non-fungible tokens. To buy and sell NFTs, you have to go through exchange platforms and in this area, OpenSea is far ahead of the competition.

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In 2021, OpenSea indeed represented 88% of the volume of NFTs traded! And the start of the year has been particularly busy with daily transactions hitting around $ 250 million in the first days of January. This enviable position, in view of the sums at stake, attracts competitors determined to carve out big shares in this beautiful cake.

In fact, many platforms have emerged in recent months. But OpenSea wants to continue to weigh heavily on this growing market (the trading volume of NFTs was multiplied by 600 last year!). And to do this, the company needs funds. This week, she organized a roundtable that allowed her to rake in $ 300 million in new money, which values ​​the company to the tune of $ 13.3 billion.

This money will allow it to strengthen its teams by doubling the number of customer service staff, but also to accelerate development which will allow OpenSea to support multiple blockchains. The security of the platform and the investment in the metaverse and the web3 will also benefit from this fundraising.

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