Big operation against illegal IPTV in the United States and Spain

Despite ever tougher laws against illegal IPTV, the popularity of these services continues unabated. And anti-piracy actions are increasing: the latest example, the Seko IPTV service is no longer operational following an operation by the American and Spanish authorities.

Illegal IPTV services are on the rise, and it’s not about to stop. The proliferation of subscriptions to follow their favorite sports competitions forces many enthusiasts to find solutions to continue to support their favorite teams. The budget is not infinitely expandable…

Endgame for Seko IPTV

The authorities are increasingly aware of this problem of piracy by rights holders and broadcasters. More and more repressive laws are passed and the raids are more and more numerous. A new example is that of Seko IPTV, whose broadcast was stopped dead by ACE, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment.

In 2020, the Spanish Football League reported to the US Trade Representative several illegal IPTV services. Among the latter, Seko IPTV: appeared in May 2016, this service offers 9,000 live channels, plus VOD of series and films, for a monthly subscription. Seko has been promoted in streaming boxes, Smart TVs, in media-center software like Kodi, but also on smartphones and tablets.

But it is now over. ACE has taken control of several domain names linked to the service, including, and even, which now redirect to the American organization’s anti-piracy portal. And that’s not all: the Spanish police have also arrested several suspects in the Navarre region and in Madrid, suspected of marketing boxes and subscriptions to an IPTV service.

Between 2017 and 2021, this illicit activity earned 1.2 million euros, the police said. A business that is going well. The game of cat and mouse will not stop there.

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