Bioshock 4 scheduled for 2022 according to new rumors

Here we are again talking about the project Bioshock 4 : jealously kept in secret by the publisher Take Two, this new game from the Cloud Chamber teams is long overdue. If absolutely no details have been revealed on the game for the moment, a recent leak tells us some first interesting details … As well as a release horizon much closer than expected.

This leak, reported by the VideoGamesChronicles site after journalist Colin Mortiarty’s podcast, is obviously to be taken with a grain of salt. But if this leak is proven, it would give many first details on a project awaited for many years.

Somewhere, beyond the iceberg

After having explored the seabed up and down during the first two episodes then the skies with Infinity, this new Bioshock takes off … In a completely radical way. So the game would take place in a city cleverly named Borealis, located in the heart of the Southern Continent — by that means, Antarctica. The plot would go back to the 1960s, which would logically place the game in the continuity of Bioshock 1 and 2. The Bioshock Infinite prequel was set in 1912, long before the events of Rapture.

If the development of this new Bioshock was formalized by Take Two in 2019, very few details have leaked out so far. And for good reason: Moriarty specifies that the project, bearing the code name “Parkside”, is very firmly kept in secret within the publisher. The Cloud Chamber teams would be well and truly aware of players’ expectations for this new episode – and we imagine that the pressure could not be greater to produce a quality title.

Departure planned for next year?

We remind if necessary that Ken Levine, creative director and chief screenwriter on Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite, is not involved in the development of this new game. Levine is currently on a brand new license within Ghost Story Games studio — the first game of which will also be released by Take Two.

Perhaps the most important point of this rumor: the game’s release horizon would be 2022, or next year … We could very well expect to discover the first images very soon. Stay tuned, up close.

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