BioWare gives news of the next Dragon Age and Mass Effect

In a new blog post, BioWare communicated on the progress of the project Dragon Age 4, confirming in particular that production has reached 50% completion. Gary McKay also spoke on the upcoming Mass Effectwhich we could call Mass Effect 5 to find our bearings in the chronology of the franchise.

A few days ago we reported that according to VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, Dragon Age 4 would be well on its way to a release at the end of next year. On Wednesday, February 23, Gary McKay, CEO of BioWare, wrote a blog post mainly focused on this new Dragon Age. As much to say it right away, no release window has been confirmed here.

“For the next Dragon Age, we are in the middle of production, which is very nice”said Gary McKay. “Our plan was completed last year, and we are now focused on delivering on our vision: creating stunning environments, deep characters, strong gameplay, impactful writing, emotional cinematics, and even more. The game plan is well understood and the team is focused. »

BioWare promises even more Dragon Age 4 information in 2022

BioWare’s CEO further down promised even more news from Dragon Age 4 during the year. And given the opening of the studio, it still seems possible to influence the development of the game and its direction:

“Later in the year, you’ll start hearing more from the Dragon Age team in the form of blogs and social content. As development progresses, we will also communicate regularly with the players who sit on our Community Council. Passionate fans like you, we take their feedback seriously. We also listen to each of you as you share your ideas and experiences, so keep talking to us! »

And the next Mass Effect in all this? It would still be at the prototype stage:

“And of course we are also working on the next Mass Effect. The team, led by Mike Gamble, is made up of seasoned developers as well as some very talented new people. They are all actively prototyping new ideas and experiences. Next-gen AAA games take a long time to make – and we know our fans may want them sooner. But our number one priority has to be quality, and it just takes time to get it right. »

Mass Effect: Andromeda having cooled on its release, which will soon celebrate its fifth anniversary, we can understand that BioWare wants to take its time before delivering a new episode of the saga.

Source: BioWare Blog

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