Black Adam isn’t that bad in the trailer!

Black Adam offers a new trailer, and fights with some superheroes for the occasion.

At DC, there are bad guys and good guys…and there’s Black Adam. The House of Batman will explore the destiny of an anti-hero with the film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. As the release date is fast approaching, it’s time for promotion.

Warner Bros and DC have just shared a new trailer, which tells us a little more about the journey of this important character in the universe of Shazam! After a long sleep, 5,000 years all the same, the former slave will wake up to sow chaos everywhere in his path.

The Justice Society will do everything to put him out of harm’s way. However, it seems that a new threat is emerging and will force the anti-hero and the super team to collaborate.

Fighting and more fighting

The images shared by DC announce that the footage will have its share of fights, superpowers and a rather pissed off Pierce Brosnan. The actor who camped James Bond four times has obviously not lost his touch, he will change the register a little with this new film.

He will lead a team of superheroes camped by Noah Centineo (To All The Boys I Loved), Aldis Hodge (Invisible Man) and Quintessa Swindell (trinkets). The title role was obviously given to Dwayne Johnson, who has been developing the project for many years.

A long-term project

In the 2000s, New Line Cinema developed a film about the character of Captain Marvel, later renamed Shazam! to avoid confusion with the character of the house of ideas. Dwayne Johnson is then contacted to play him, he will nevertheless be more interested in the antagonist Black Adam.

The project was finally abandoned, but Johnson still wanted to play Black Adam. For several years, he will remain in contact with DC until this solo project is finally launched and will invest in production.

Fans have waited a long time for his presence in the casting to be announced. Their hopes for the character and his first solo adventure are therefore numerous.

A first round

Black Adam and Shazam! evolve in the same universe of comics. They’ve faced off on many glossy occasions, and are set to do so on the big screen as well. black adam should not, however, stage their meeting. It is the third part of the saga carried by Zachary Levi which will act as a confrontation.

Whereas Shazam! : Fury of Gods is due to hit our screens next year, we can still expect it to be mentioned somewhere in the story. You will probably have to stay until the end of the credits to be sure not to miss anything. See you on October 19 to discover black adam At the movie theater.

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