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Black Friday is a carnage, the price collapses (-45%) 🔥

The AirPods 2 have been one of Apple’s bestsellers for years. These wireless headphones will be very popular at Christmas. You have an opportunity to buy it at the lowest price ever seen since its release.

Apple has created a revolution with its AirPods 2. Some estimates even claim that the revenue generated by these wireless headphones is greater than the revenue generated by the streaming platform Spotify. Clearly, the AirPods 2 are a worldwide hit and they will once again be the big stars under the tree this year.

If AirPods 3 have been available for a few weeks, AirPods 2 still offer the best value for money on the market. This is all the more the case when we see that the world leader in e-commerce, Alibaba, plans to sacrifice its price for the Single Day. This November 11, this operation will buy AirPods at 99 euros instead of 179 euros.

I take advantage of the offer

Method to take advantage of it : the Single Day is a unique operation of its kind, and the largest in the world. You must “Add to Cart” AirPods 2 before the event to have the chance to pay less on D-Day. It is on November 11 at 9:00 am sharp that you must validate the basket to obtain the lowest price historically. The Bluetooth headphones will be displayed at 129 euros, from which you can withdraw 30 euros with the code FRBON30.

Single Day is the biggest business event in the world, far ahead of Black Friday. To give you an order of magnitude, Alibaba generated over $ 74 billion in revenue on that day alone in 2020. For its biggest day of the year which is Prime Day, Amazon generates around 10 times less revenue. . To achieve this, AliExpress smashes all prices, like the one on AirPods 2.

Why buy from AliExpress?

AliExpress is the retail site for the general public of the Alibaba group. It is therefore this e-commerce platform that will compete with Fnac, Cdiscount or even Amazon. Today we find all the most beautiful brands across all universes. High-tech is very well represented with names like Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi.

If the entire Apple catalog is not available, the AirPods 2 are among the bestsellers of the group. For these end of year celebrations, it is a product that sells very well. From the official Apple store on the AliExpress site, you can get them at a price never before seen until now. We have never seen the AirPods 2 at 110 euros on Amazon, Cdiscount or other.

I take advantage of the offer

The code 11AE15 that is displayed on these AirPods 2 is valid on all other products in the qualifying price bracket. Below we have put all the codes that will allow you to have an additional discount on products (which are often already at a reduced price). To take an example, for any purchase between 110 and 150 euros, you can use the code 11AE15 to get 15 euros reduction. Code FRBON30 cannot be applied to all products. The codes below are however compatible with everything.

  • 11AE08: € 8 reduction for € 50 purchase
  • 11AE11: € 11 reduction for € 70 purchase
  • 11AE15: 15 € reduction for 110 € of purchase
  • 11AE22: € 22 reduction for € 150 purchase
  • 11AE30: 30 € reduction for 199 € of purchase
  • 11AE45: 45 € reduction for 299 € of purchase
  • 11AE60: 60 € reduction for 399 € of purchase

As you can see directly on the AliExpress site, the AirPods 2 will be presented by default at 129 euros during the Single Day. It is already lower than all the other merchant sites which put forward these Bluetooth headphones between 130 and 150 euros currently. It is therefore in your best interest to put the AirPods 2 in your AliExpress cart and validate it on November 11 at 9:00 am sharp. It is a public holiday, you will have time to do it.

Buy AirPods 2 at discount prices

Below we have put a small tutorial with an image to tell you how to buy AirPods 2 for 110 euros. As you can see, there is already posted the official price which will be unveiled on November 11 at 9:00 am (purple box): 129 euros. As indicated, it will be necessary to add the product to the basket (in our red box) to prepare before this fateful date.

Once you have added the product to the basket, you are almost there: you will have to come on November 11 at 9:00 am sharp, validate your basket and use the code FRBON30 to get 30 euros more discount. the AirPods 2 will then drop to 99 euros (129-30 euros). If you are a new customer, you can also benefit from an additional 4 euros discount (coupon to be validated just below the purple band).

Since Single Day is the most anticipated day in the world on AliExpress, you have to be quick. It is for this reason that you must have created an account beforehand and be ready with your basket filled. It’s a way to make great savings with AliExpress that is really unique to this merchant. We do not find this at Amazon, Fnac or Cdiscount.

In terms of services, AliExpress is doing as well as all the other players. You will receive these AirPods 2 with a classic warranty from the Apple manufacturer, delivered within 3 working days (from a French warehouse). The delivery is insured and free and you then have 20 days to retract. If so, then you will be able to get a refund on that purchase after return.

You can find the AirPods 2 technical sheet directly on the AliExpress site, at the bottom of the page. Wireless headphones come with a wired charging case (which doubles as storage). Their autonomy is 24 hours including the charges included in the box. It’s great value for money if you can buy it for less than $ 100.

To discover this offer, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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