Black Mirror IRL: the United States wants to deploy robot dogs on the border with Mexico

black-mirror or any other well-thought-out sci-fi dystopia becomes more of the world we live in every day. Wealthy people visit space, games become photo-realistic, smartphones bend and tomorrow, soon, we will put on AR glasses that will transfigure our reality.

Ghost Robotics

In the United States, it is the venerable Department of Homeland Security which has just taken a (big) step in this “science-fictionization” of reality. A press release from the government agency indicates that robot dogs from the startup Ghost Robotics will soon patrol along the southern border separating the United States from Mexico.

This corner of the border is considered one of the most dangerous places in the United States: traffickers of all kinds, often heavily armed, have made it their preferred crossing point. The use of robot-dogs should therefore limit human losses and make it possible to collect (without risk) information on current traffic.

Ghost Robotics

Yes, it is also possible to mount a lethal weapon on a Ghost Robotics robot, but frontier robots should not be equipped with it

This initiative of the Department of Homeland Security is enough to prove the level of performance achieved today by quadruped robots of the Spot type (Boston Dynamics). These robots are now able to move with ease and speed on all types of terrain, and can be equipped with extremely sophisticated equipment (thermal cameras, infrared for night vision or with a huge zoom, etc.) .

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