Black Panther 2 will not be released on Disney + in France, but in cinemas

Black Panther 2 Wakanda Forever will be released in cinemas in France. This marks a truce in the war between Disney and the French state around the chronology of the media. The latter will be discussed in detail from the beginning of 2023.

Black Panther

Cinema operators are blowing! Black Panther 2 Wakanda Forever will hit theaters next November 9. Disney confirmed the thing, signing a truce in the conflict which opposes it with the French State on the question of the chronology of the media.

It is in a press release, then in a tweet including the trailer in VOST, that Disney has confirmed the release. A boon for fans and cinemas, which rely on this kind of blockbusters to live.

Black Panther 2 hits theaters, but the showdown isn’t over yet

Last September, Disney threatened the French state not to release Black Panther 2, its next Marvel blockbuster, in cinemas in our country. The reason lies in three words: media timeline. In other countries and particularly in the United States, Mickey’s firm places its film on its platform 45 days after the cinema release.

However, French law does not allow this, since Disney must wait 17 months to do so. Unacceptable to American society who wishes to benefit from her work as she wishes. There are pros and cons to the case. On the one hand, we can understand Disney who wants to do what he wants with his creations. On the other hand, it is not up to the multinational to enact the laws.

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The dialogue had been broken, but the announcement of the cinema release reflects a resumption of negotiations. As Disney indicates, the state seems fine with discussing a relaxation of the law and the next agreements should be discussed as early as February 2023. Disney does not seem to want the end of the media timeline, but at least a relaxation and a fairer regime against it. In the meantime, the releases of the next productions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. After Wakanda Forever, it’s another behemoth that should land in French cinemas: the Avatar sequel, named The Way of Water.

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