Blizzard-Activision games: Microsoft reassures the competition

The acquisition of Blizzard-Activision by Microsoft for a crazy sum raised a number of questions. The main one relates to the competitors of Xbox which remains the flagship product of Microsoft’s video game branch. For some observers, games like Overwatch, Call of Duty or Crash Bandicoot may no longer be available on PlayStation in the future. Microsoft has just published a note on this subject.

The multinational promises to keep the flagship franchises of its new acquisition on the Sony platform. A news that should delight the competition and the regulatory authorities.

Microsoft on the same wavelength as Blizzard-Activision

A few weeks after the announcement of the takeover agreement, Blizzard-Activision had already given its opinion on the future of its games on PlayStation consoles. The company led by Bobby Kotick had declared that it intended to honor all the commitments it had with its partners after the closing of the operation.

She also added that she does not intend to remove any platform from her current list. A position that was later confirmed by Phil Spencer, the leader of Xbox Game Studios. The latter said that the games, Call of Duty, would be maintained on PlayStation consoles.

If all these statements are interesting for the competition, the most important of all is that of Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft. The latter in the note published on November 9 indicated that his company did not intend to stop at the existing agreements between Blizzard-Activision and other gaming platforms. This will go beyond maintaining the studio’s most popular games on all platforms.

Microsoft even wants to go further by allowing these games to also be available on Nintendo consoles. It must be said that apart from Overwatch, Blizzard-Activision does not offer any other of its games on Nintendo platforms. Call of Duty, which is clearly the most famous game on the platform, has never been available on the Nintendo Switch. An anomaly that Microsoft also wants to correct.

Microsoft could kill two birds with one stone

For the moment, the American multinational has made no promises regarding its desire to make Blizzard-Activision games available on Nintendo platforms. However, if she did it wouldn’t just be to please Nintendo fans.

On the one hand, it would allow it to show that it has good intentions towards Xbox’s competitors. This should prevent the competition regulatory authorities from blocking the takeover of Blizzard-Activision. Mainly the FTC which has already taken up the case. She who has put a spoke in the wheels of several large companies in recent years.

On the other hand, making Blizzard-Activision games available to Nintendo could be done through the Xbox Game Pass. It must even be said that this is the only viable method for a game like Call of Duty to be playable on the Switch. This should a priori allow Microsoft to make its cloud gaming offer more popular. A solution that Nintendo does not like very much at the moment.

Finally, it must be said that Microsoft has no interest in depriving its games of the PlayStation community which is very important. Nevertheless, reservations must be made to the statements made by the multinational’s managers. Phil Spencer had said the same thing after the takeover of the Bethesda studio by Microsoft. Which didn’t stop them from making future studio releases, Xbox and PC exclusives.

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