Blizzard announces that the Warcraft franchise will be available on mobile

After spending more than 25 years fighting each other on PC, the Horde and the Alliance will find themselves on a completely different ground: Blizzard plans to release new content from the franchise Warcraft on mobile during this year 2022. Currently, only the ultra-popular card game Hearthstone represents the Warcraft franchise on mobile devices… But that should change soon.

Warcraft takes over mobile

Blizzard unveils its future plans for the franchise in last year’s financial results report. Warcraft. In addition to novelties for the games World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, we can also read the project to carry out “ all-new Warcraft content for mobile devices“…Without further details. It’s a very vague mention that could be interpreted in several ways: will it be a new spin-off from the universe of Warcraft on mobile, similar to Hearthstone, or a port of an already existing game?

If it is very difficult to imagine a proper porting of World of Warcraft on the (relatively) small screens of smartphones, we could well envisage that the franchise returns to its origins with a mobile version of its real-time strategy games. The great mechanics of the latter would lend themselves well to those of modern mobile gaming, with a formula that could approach tower-defense hits like Clash Royale.

This is not the only Blizzard license to take the step towards our cellphones: Diablo is also preparing to take its first steps on mobile this year. Announced to boos from fans in 2018, Diablo Immortal resumes the formula of the dungeon crawler on smartphone in a story of unfolding between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III. After several alpha and beta test sessions over the past two years, the title should finally be released during the first part of this year 2022.

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