Blizzard boss has a plan to win back your trust

Mike Ybarra, the boss of Blizzard, reveals what the studio intends to do to regain your trust, a few days after the announcement of the takeover by Microsoft.

Following the announcement of Microsoft, which wants to buy Activision-Blizzard as soon as possible, many players have expressed their surprise, mainly due to the fact that the studio has been bogged down in complicated legal problems for almost a year. Indeed, Microsoft made the choice to buy the studio even though it was the subject of several complaints, ranging from the toxic work environment to sexual assault.

It is quite obvious that Microsoft has specified that it wants to get down to rectifying this tarnished image, by inculcating the values ​​of a mixed, diversified, open and benevolent industry in the teams of Activision-Blizzard. If Bobby Kotick has not yet spoken on this subject, himself the subject of a complaint, it is Mike Ybarra, the leader of Blizzard who has just spoken.

A plan that unfolds internally

In a press release, he explains that he has found a plan to regain the confidence of players and thus redeem credibility in the eyes of the industry, because we must not forget that giants in the field (Nintendo, Sony and even Microsoft) were openly positioned against the actions of the studio. In his plan, the recently installed boss states:

2021 has been a challenge for all of us. As individuals, we are committed to treating everyone around us with respect and dignity. As professionals, we are very attached to our profession and we want to work in the most favorable and safest possible environment. Our top priority—now and in the future—is the work we do to restore your trust in Blizzard. »

This means allocating more staff dedicated to improving the mentality of the studio, especially with regard to the work culture, informing the teams of this change and performing daily reminders thanks to data shared with the teams, and finally improve the filing of internal complaints and value the voice of victims, even when they accuse an authoritative person.

Important announcements to be expected in a few days

Concrete actions that only require results. Obviously, the studio will soon be able to count on the intervention of Microsoft, which should regain full control of the studio by 2023 at the earliest, once the takeover has been approved by the competent authorities. In the meantime, Mike Ybarra also promises an acceleration of the game development phases, which we hope will not result in a harmful crunch for the teams.

We also know that we need to deliver content to our players on a more regular basis and innovate both in our existing games and beyond. We have some exciting things to announce, and I’ll tell you more next week. »

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