Blizzard splits the game into two parts for a good cause

Blizzard has made a drastic decision about its next Overwatch game so players can test it out sooner.

It’s been a while since Blizzard gave any news about its title Overwatch 2. While it was expected for this year, just like Diablo 4, the development difficulties, but also the legal problems facing the studio, in addition to the takeover by Microsoft and the reorganization of the offices, considerably undermined the game’s roadmap and it had been postponed to 2023.

Today, franchise manager Aaron Keller returns to the video with information about the title. Overwatch 2 has fallen behind schedule and if the studio wants to be able to get it into the hands of gamers this year, some big decisions have to be made. In this sense, the developer announces thatOverwatch 2 will be split into two parts: the PvP mode on one side, and the PvE mode on the other.

A gradual launch in two stages

Concretely, this means that players will be able to experience the 5 versus 5 multiplayer mode this year, but not in a complete and official way. Indeed, the studio is setting up a regular closed beta system. You will be able to test some new game modes, heroes but also new maps.

The first test phase, which will be available in a week, will be reserved for a very selective number of players, including professional players who must train for the next season. However, as an ordinary player, today you have the chance to register to participate in the April beta.

On the site you can see all the novelties that will be available during the session. With each new beta, Aaron Keller promises new features, heroes or maps, in order to always improve the player experience and to proceed with a progressive launch of the PvP mode.

As you will have understood, for the PvE mode, which is essentially the story mode, you will have to wait a little longer. At the moment, it’s still expected for 2023. The studio is now committed to communicating more with players on the progress of Overwatch 2, so news should reach us within the next few weeks. Still, the game’s full launch doesn’t yet have a specific release date, so keep an eye out.

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