BMW unveils an “green” robot for body “tuning”

BMW recently unveiled theEcoPaintJet Pro, an industrial robot capable of painting complex patterns on vehicle bodies. This “tuning” robot was developed thanks to a partnership between BMW and the German firm Duerr. The precision of the machine is such that it is no longer necessary to put a mask on the areas to be painted (in order to avoid overflows). Preparation time is almost zero, the EcoPaintJet Pro having the ability to adapt to any type of bodywork and therefore vehicles.

Without overflows, the use of extremely polluting cleaning products (to remove badly placed paint) becomes completely useless, and the rooms dedicated to painting no longer require a powerful ventilation system (and again polluting). The energy savings are 6,000 megawatt-hours for 7,000 hours of use, a reduction in the carbon footprint of 2,000 tonnes / year. The EcoPaintJet Pro is therefore by far the most “green” robot in its field of activity.

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